Leading Self

Awareness for professionals.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or more established—as a professional, you have many options. There are opportunities, as well as plenty of questions. Who am I? What do I want and what don’t I want? What’s the next step? You can keep mulling over these questions, or you can decide to take action. We’ll help you get on the right track.


€ 1.995,- excl. VAT

4-day training and follow-up day


House of Brout, Breukelen

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    • You will truly get to know yourself. This will help you to deal more effectively with yourself and the world.
    • You will discover what you want. Now and in the future—you choose your path.
    • You will get some powerful tools, that will help you be an impactful leader in your own life.


    Leading Self consists of an intake, a kickoff, two modules and a closing day. You will also be doing peer consultation and development projects, plus you’ll have a buddy to discuss things with. The full program, from intake to closing day, takes 5 months.


    Before we start the actual program, we invite you to answer a number of questions online. These are questions about your learning goals and your motivation to participate in Leading self. Next, we will discuss your answers in an online conversation and get to know each other.

    Kick off 

    You will meet the other participants and we will lay a strong foundation for the sessions to come. The kickoff is all about your personal story and goals. With the help of your buddy, your peer group and the trainers, you get to the heart of what you want from the program. The result—a clear action plan. This will be your compass for the rest of the program.

    Module 1

    Where do I come from? 

    Growth starts with reflection. How do you view the world and yourself? What are the things you tell yourself you must do? What are the barriers you’ve set yourself and on whose shoulders are you standing? You’ll gain insight into the choices you’ve made so far—and the choices you didn’t make.

    Module 2

    Where am I going? 

    Dreams, ambitions and goals. What’s the difference? And why do you need them? We’ll help you see that there are some things you only want because others want them, or the other way around. You’ll discover what really matters to you, and why. Plus you’ll find out which talents you have—that you might not even be aware of—to get things started.


    Where do I go from here? 

    We’ll help you focus on the here and now, so you can make a choice. You’ll find that there are three ways to happiness, and one that leads to unhappiness. We’ll help you take real steps. By putting clear rules and boundaries in place together, we’re setting you up for success. You’ll leave with a specific plan, with less luggage, and with more tools.

    Peer consultation

    Peer consultation is an important part of the program. During the kickoff, we’ll put together groups of peers and you’ll be introduced to a number of peer consultation techniques. With your peer group, you’ll organize meetings yourself that take place between modules. During the peer consultation sessions, you’ll discuss and anchor the insights you’ve gained.

    Leading Self

    Leading Self starts in October.
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    2 & 3 November

    Module 1

    December 8

    Module 2

    January 11, 2022

    Module 3

    March 8, 2022

    Fees and location


    € 1.995,- excl. VAT

    4-day training and follow-up day


    House of Brout, Breukelen

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      Extension program: Coaching in/as your profession (CIAYP)

      Coaching in/as your profession (CIAYP) is an extension of Leading self. During this 3-day crash course you’ll learn, practice, and experience true coaching. You’ll get to know all the ins and outs of the profession. You will be coaching your first coachees, but you will also be coached yourself. This course offers a basis from which you can start working as a coach.