What we do

Experts in awareness.

Going Brout means choosing awareness. Leadership always starts with being truly aware. We support organizations in taking—or taking back—control. We create development programs for larger organizations, offer set programs, and provide coaching and training at every level and for every position: individuals, teams, and organizations.

What we offer

Brout Tailor-made

Tailor-made to your situation. Every organization is different. Together, we discover the strengths and challenges of your organization. We do this in our Broutlab, where we create a powerful development program for your organization. We’re there for you every step of the way!

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Brout School

Open enrollment. Being a more effective—and happier—leader. Three smart programs at every level: leading self, leading others en leading organizations. On top of this, we offer temporary pop-up programs that address specific issues.

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Brout Support

Many of our programs offer individual and group coaching, peer consultation, and Insights Discovery. But you don’t need to participate in our programs to receive our support. We have highly qualified professionals, each with their own expertise. You will receive one-on-one support in a way that suits you or your team.

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