Brout Tailor-made

We specialize in tailor-made solutions.

Without knowing your organization, we can’t determine what you need. We believe that a program can only be truly effective if we develop it together. You know your organization. We know interventions. We ask a lot of questions to identify the strengths and opportunities of your people and your organization. That’s the only way we can create a development program that will help your people and your organization grow.

Why tailor-made?

  • We develop together. You know your organization, we know interventions. 
  • We ask a lot of questions. To help you discover what you want and need.  
  • We help you look in the mirror. So you can develop more effectively.   
  • In short, a truly unique program. Full of interesting experiences.  


Our process

We don’t teach you any new tricks or complicated methods. We believe that change happens when people understand their behavior, experience its impact, and develop the influence to achieve change. We help people look in the mirror—at themselves and the organization. Brout is the ignition that brings out the superpowers that are already there.


Step 1

You contact us and we set up an appointment.


Step 2

Together, we map out your actual question for your organization in our Broutlab.

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Step 3

You receive a powerful tailor-made program for your organization.

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Step 4

Going brout: we ignite an unstoppable superpower!

Step 2: Broutlab

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We come together for a 3-hour session in which we look at the current culture within the organization. What are your strengths? What are areas for improvement? We compare the actual situation to the desired situation to find out where there’s room for growth. We might end up with a different question than the one we set out with, but that’s actually a good thing! Nothing is more dangerous (or expensive) than finding the right answers to the wrong question.

Step 3: Tailor-made program

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We translate the results of the Broutlab into a practical program. Since no organization is the same, all our solutions are tailor-made. We do use elements that have been proven effective, as many organizations struggle with the same issues. The solution is almost always a combination of advice, training, and coaching; we will work out the exact details together.


1. Why feedback training alone usually doesn’t help

You’ve been experiencing communication issues in your organization for some time now. A lack of clarity, fighting, gossiping, favoritism… The productivity and atmosphere in the workplace are starting to suffer, turnover has increased and talent is leaving. You come to the conclusion that you must improve your communication—targeted communication training or feedback training seems the best solution. You find a great agency to train your employees, and their training is challenging and inspiring. By the end of the process, the problem still hasn’t been solved, but it did cost a lot of money. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, we hear a lot of these stories from our customers. That’s why we always start with a Broutlab. During a Broutlab session, we keep asking questions until we get to the heart of the matter. It usually turns out that it’s not just about people’s (in)ability to give feedback; the real problem is a bit deeper than that. It’s usually about uncertainties or fears that have crept into the culture unnoticed. Things like employees lacking the confidence to be themselves or challenge the status quo, or the tendency to cover one’s tracks for fear of being chewed out. Because leaders are afraid to look at themselves first, possibly. That’s where we want to go—it’s the only way people and organizations can grow.

2. We can only grow when everyone is willing to look in the mirror

The Executive Board isn’t happy with the way the organization performs. “It’s time to grow up.” As the HR manager, you’ve been asked to find someone who can organize personal leadership training for employees. You’ve found a suitable agency. They aren’t cheap but their trainers are good, the program is state of the art, and the participants are loving it. They’ve learned a lot about themselves and are putting it into action, really developing themselves. So far so good! But then, a problem arises. The Board has started to notice that people are setting boundaries, speaking up, and showing leadership—including towards them! That won’t do; they decide to show them who’s boss. The training proves counterproductive; all it’s done is make employees have less faith in the organization. The training agency has lost its credibility. People are leaving, and HR is frustrated.
This is something we experience a lot, unfortunately. That’s why we have an important condition for working together:

The leaders of the organization must be willing to look at themselves.

If they aren’t, we can’t help you. The Broutlab is where you’ll find out if they’re willing to look at themselves. That’s why we believe that the Director or the person responsible for the process should always be present. They play a key role, after all. As a partner, Brout cannot change your organization. We can only show you the way. Change is something only you can do, and it starts with the leader.

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