Leading Others

Awareness for team leaders and managers.

What’s the best way to motivate others? And how do you make sure that people deliver results without pushing themselves too hard? Leading Others gives you insight into the dynamics of your team. You will discover great tools and simple techniques that you can put to use immediately. You will learn the stages your team goes through, how to recognize them and how to respond (even) better. This program is aimed at team leaders and managers with 3-10 years’ experience in a management role.


  • You will get to know yourself as a leader. This will help you hit the right note and get others moving.
  • You will create a shared goal. And you will create support for it, which will set the world around you in motion.
  • You will get some powerful tools. They will help you understand others and move towards your shared goal.


Leading Others consists of a kickoff, three modules and a closing day. You will also be doing peer consultation and development projects, plus you’ll have a buddy and a mentor to discuss things with. Each day has a specific focus. The full program, from intake to closing day, takes 7 months.

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Upon completion of the entire program, you will receive a certificate. One that’s worth sharing – on your LinkedIn page, for example.

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Online Intake

We start with an online intake, during which you will meet the other participants. We will give you a preview of the program and you will have ample opportunity to ask questions. You and your trainer will get to know each other.

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Day 1


During your personal leadership lab, our professional assessors will help you map out your development. We’ll identify your pain points on the various leadership aspects of this program. Are there any areas in which you’re experiencing friction or getting stuck, or that might even hurt? All those things we’ll uncover. Our approach is based on the idea that it is better to spend 85% of your time on identifying your challenges, as this will leave you 15% to solve them. At the end of your personal leadership lab, you’ll create a development plan, identifying what you need to develop in all areas. For each leadership aspect you determine where you are now, what your strengths are, and what the areas are in which you can develop.

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Day 2


Leading others starts with leading yourself. You get to work on your alter ego. How are you standing in your own way? In what ways are you fooling yourself? How are you maintaining ineffective patterns in your leadership? And what do you need to break free from all this? We look at ineffective and effective behavior. The process is guided by the questions: “Who am I as a leader?” and “What do I do that causes this?”

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Day 3


Together with your buddy, you’ll work on developing coaching leadership. How can you coach your buddy on their development plan? This is what we’ll be working on. You’ll be applying these insights in practice, because that’s what it’s all about, after all.


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Day 4


We believe that you can only be a good leader if you show your vulnerable side. You will discover what your limiting beliefs are and where you still have some issues to solve. We will work with the 7 elements that help shape trust. We will also be looking at your capacity. Do you perform to the best of your ability? How autonomous are you, to what extent do you use your competencies, and are you truly involved? From focusing on you, we make the connection to your team. You will learn about the 4 problem teams and the pecking order. From your place of vulnerability, you’ll explore what you do as a leader that makes others do what they do.

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Day 5


Time to harvest! Everyone gives a final presentation. You’ll share your personal story. You’ll take stock of the steps you’ve taken and those you’re going to take. You’ll look back on an intensive and inspiring journey. The second set of 360-degree feedback you’ve gathered visualizes your development. You should be proud of yourself. We certainly are! That is why you’ll receive a personal certificate from us.

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Day 6


Time to pick up the nets! What have you achieved? What transformation were you able to make? We celebrate our successes together. We reflect on your milestone. We also look ahead. Because of course you are never completely finished! What have you discovered about your leadership that you want to know more about? What else do you dare to get stuck into?

360-degree feedback

After your personal leadership lab, you’ll start on your 360-degree feedback. You can use this as a baseline to see where you’re currently at on the various leadership aspects. At the end of the program, you’ll do another 360-degree feedback. This will show you your development. Who will you invite to provide feedback as a catalyst for your growth? You decide which 3 people you want to ask for feedback, plus you’ll answer the questions yourself as well.

Peer consultation

An important part of the program is peer consultation. At the start of the program, we put together groups of peers and you’ll be introduced to a number of peer consultation techniques. With your peer consultation group, you’ll organize your own meetings in between training days 2, 3 and 4. During these sessions, you’ll discuss and anchor the insights you’ve gained.

Leading Others

Leading Others starts in March 2024
The program consists of 3 two-day training sessions

LOTH route 2022 ENG
Day 1+2
Day 3+4
Day 5+6
Leadership Launch

March 27

Personal Leadership

March 28

Coaching Leadership

May 1

Vulnerable Leadership

May 2

Inspiring Leadership

May 29

Leadership Summit

May 30

Extension program: Coaching in/as your profession (CIAYP)

Coaching in/as your profession (CIAYP) is an extension of Leading self. During this 3-day crash course you’ll learn, practice, and experience true coaching. You’ll get to know all the ins and outs of the profession. You will be coaching your first coachees, but you will also be coached yourself. This course offers a basis from which you can start working as a coach.