We are Brout

And we bring awareness.

It starts with awareness. Of what’s already there. Of what’s not—or not yet—there. And of how you let yourself, your team or your organization grow. That’s what we will be working on. In a triangle: you, your context and us.

Root Digging

Brout digs. We don’t stay on the surface, we get to the root of things. No band-aid solutions, but a thorough approach.


Brout confronts. We are open and honest, even if you might not like what we have to say. But we will always treat you with respect—our goal is getting to those deeper layers.


Brout awakens. Briefly, we will turn your view of yourself—and of the world—upside down. Showing you differently. So you can act differently.


Brout moves. We do things our own way. Unorthodox, but with a vision. You’ll learn to love it. And if you don’t, that’s okay too.

Brouteers are professionals with a rebellious streak, always looking to strike gold. They bring out your best for the world. They act as your mirror. With love and respect, always. No judgment, but they can be confronting. They have the courage to act. They show their vulnerability and invite you to do the same. Meet our Brouteers!

Wall of fame Brouteers

Ton Keunen

CEO, Founder en leadership developer

Merijn van Bussel

Lead Operations, Finance & HR

Thijs van Wersch

Lead Trainers, Senior Trainer & Coach

Sander Vuurmans

Lead Marketing & Innovation

Reinder Busstra

Marketeer & Customer Experience

Dorine Hurenkamp

Lead of Product, Innovation & Design

Reinder Schonewille

Business Consultant

Lizette Cohen

Trainer, coach

Hylke Reidsma

Trainer & Team Growth

Stefan van der Heijden

Trainer & Coach

Nathalie Paulussen

Senior Trainer & Coach

Christine Slootweg

Senior Trainer & Coach

Monica Keunen

Senior Coach & Lead Coaches

Marly Teunissen

Trainer & Coach

Joost Agterberg

Lead Growth, Trainer & Coach

Mathijs Ummels

Trainer & Coach

Joanie van der Sande

Trainer & Coach

Maurice Peeters


Vincent de Lusenet


Jaap van der Vlist


Jessica ten Klooster

Learning and development specialist

Daan Klever


Stijn Rost van Tonningen


Frank Vogt

Trainer, coach

Koos van Plateringen

Social Media & Podcast-host

Ingrid Holla

Senior Trainer

Sylvia Weijmer

Trainer & Coach

Jeannette Beelen

Trainer & Coach

Moniek Hermans

Lady of the House

Pieter Maas Geesteranus

Senior Trainer

Jaap Stuurman


Charlotte Groenendijk

Project Manager

Mick van Abeelen

Studio technicus

Marlies van Plateringen

lovely lunch lady van Brout

Mieke van Winden

Food and more

Jeroen Wijnhorst


Heleen Parser

Training actor

Nadieh Roeffen

Human Resource | Trainer & Coach

Neeske Weber

Graphic Designer

Jarno Kortekaas

Lead Project Manager

Ilse Otten

Project manager

Petra Westerhuis

Learning & Development Specialist

Logie van Onselen

Senior Coach

Guusje Slagter

Graphic Designer

Wouter Buursma

Learning & Development Specialist 

Cindy Bell

Training actor

Brout moves and changes. Our extended family consists of a quirky bunch of ex-Brouteers. They’ve moved on to new ventures, but left their footprint behind. We still experience their impact—something for which we’re very grateful!