Coaching in and as your profession

The foundation for every coach and coaching leader.

Coaching in/as your profession (CIAYP) is a crash course in coaching. During this 3-day training, you will learn, practice, and experience what coaching is. You will get to know all the ins and outs of the profession, plus you will get your first coachees. The training offers food for thought about yourself too, as you’ll be coached as well.


  • A basic course in coaching. You will gain insight into what coaching is and what it isn’t.
  • You learn to profile yourself. Both as an individual and in your role as a coach.
  • An essential addition to your coaching toolbox. You’ll be working with 15 models.
  • You learn to be a coaching leader. Suitable for anyone who’s interested in being a coaching leader in their organization.


During the 3-day training, we will focus on:

The role of the coach

As a coach you’re a supporter, not a problem solver. You’re a counselor, not a friend. You’ll learn to ask the right questions to help your coachee find their own answers.

Coaching conversation

How do you set up a conversation? What is a coaching contract? And how do you create a safe coaching environment? We’ll discuss all important aspects.

Coaching skills

As a coach, you have to be a good listener and be able to understand what’s said and what isn’t (read between the lines). Another important aspect is self-control. You’ll gain a better understanding of yourself, which will be your starting point.


You’ll face resistance in almost every coaching conversation. What’s the best way of dealing with resistance? And what should you avoid? We’ll give you the right tools.

During our follow-up day, you’ll put to use what you’ve learned:
You’ll reflect and build on your knowledge and skills.

Entry requirements

CIAYP is an extension of our leadership programs Leading self, Leading others, and Leading organizations. We welcome new students, provided they have the required level of self-reflection and insight. This will be determined in a meeting with the trainer.