Insights Discovery

Discover your thinking and acting style.

Insights Discovery is an accessible color model that gives you insight into yourself and the people around you. You’ll create a personal profile that shows your preferred style of thinking and acting. The results can serve as a basis for a development process to improve communication, gain a better understanding of conflicts and improve your team’s self-awareness.

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  • Improve communication within the team.
  • Improve communication between employees and customers.
  • Discover your team’s strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Create a customer-oriented culture.
  • Learn about the organizational culture.


The participants start by completing a short online questionnaire. We use this to draw up a unique and personal profile for each participant that provides insight into people’s individual preferences.

A personal profile contains:

  • Personal style, interaction with others, and decision making
  • Main strengths and weaknesses
  • Value for the team
  • Preferred way of communication
  • Potential blind spots
  • Dealing with opposite kind of person
  • Suggestions for development
  • Optional: Leadership and management development
  • Optional: Personal development
  • Optional: Sales effectiveness in every stage of the sales process
  • Optional: Relevant questions for recruitment and selection.
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Insights Discovery uses a ‘color language’. The four colors represent behavioral characteristics. Every person has all colors, but has a preference for one or two colors. We use this to discover your personal style.

Fiery Red

People who use a lot of red show a strong determination that influences their interactions with others. They are driving and purposeful.

demanding, strong-willed, determined, purposeful, results-oriented.

Sunshine Yellow

People who use a lot of yellow usually enjoy the company of others and want to be involved in everything. They are enthusiastic and inviting.

optimistic, dynamic, enthusiastic, persuasive, expressive.

Earth Green

People who use a lot of green weigh everything against their values and the things that matter to them. They look for harmony and meaningful relationships.

caring, relationship-oriented, harmonious, relaxed, patient.

Cool Blue

People who use a lot of blue like to have all the right information before making a decision. They want to know and understand the world around them.

objective, cautious, precise, analytical, detailed.



  • € 3300,- per day, per team of max 12 people
    incl. preparation and design
  • € 750,- House of Brout
    incl. coffee/thee/snacks and a delicious lunch
  • €175,- per individual Insights Discovery Profile
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