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Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or have been on the road for a while, as a professional you have many opportunities. Opportunities, but also quite a few questions. Who am I? What do I want? And what do I not want? What is the next step? You can ponder these questions for a long time, but you can also do something about them. We can help you get your affairs in order.

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  • You truly get to know yourself. This enables you to deal with yourself and the world more effectively.
  • You discover what you want. Now and in the future. You choose which path to take.
  • You receive powerful tools. With these, you can be an impactful leader in your life.


Leading Self consists of an intake, four training days, an overnight stay, and an individual coaching session. In addition, you will work on intervision, carry out development assignments, and consult with your buddy. The entire program, from intake to completion, covers 4 months.


Before we actually start the program, we invite you to answer a number of questions online. These questions are about your learning goals and motivation for participating in Leading Self. You will then schedule an online intake interview with one of the trainers. During this conversation, you will get to know each other, reflect on your learning goals, and have the opportunity to ask any questions.

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Module 1

What do I really want?

You will get to know the other participants. You will work on your dreams, ideals, and goals. Your personal story is central. We help you realize that sometimes you want something because others want it. Or vice versa. You discover what is truly important to you and why. With the help of your buddy, peer group, and trainers, you will get to the core. You will leave with a clear action plan. It will be your compass for the rest of the program.


Individual coaching

During module 1, you have gained various insights. With individual coaching (45 minutes), you will take a closer look at your goals and sharpen them based on these insights.

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Module 2 

Me and the other

You are connected with yourself and now also learn how to get others on board from a place of connection. So how do you ensure that you get what you really want while also giving others what they want.

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Module 3 

How do I stay in charge?

Are you aware of your blockages that can sabotage your path to your goal? In which situations do you fall into your pitfalls and how do you climb out of them? You will be provided with tools to help you stay in control of what you want in life. After this module, your toolbox will be filled and you will have an easier time maintaining control.



An important part of the program is mutual intervision. During Module 1, we will form intervision groups and introduce you to a number of intervision techniques. As an intervision group, you will independently organize meetings that take place between modules. During intervision, you will discuss and anchor the insights gained.

Investment and location


€ 2.095,- excl. VAT

4 day training with one overnight stay and one individual coaching session.


House of Brout, Maarssen

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*The Leading Self English edition will be scheduled if we have 8+ participants in the program. For more information on the current status, please contact goingbrout@brout.nl.


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